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Founded in 1958, Write Impressions offers over 57 years proven service to professionals and employment seekers from the full spectrum of career paths. Résumés, application packages, cover letters, broadcast letters, Linked In account optimization, supplemental self-marketing tools, career search coaching … creative writing, effective presentations and seasoned guidance to assist you in meeting all your career management needs …that’s what we do … and we’ve done it for tens of thousands of clients with proven results !!


How Important is your Career?

We are sure that you will agree that there are few things in life that rank as high in importance as your profession … your career. That is why informed sources indicate that the purchase of a professionally written résumé is “the single best way to spend a thousand dollars”. (Cover Story, Kiplinger Letter, 2006). And the pricing structure at Write Impressions is well below national averages for the quality of services rendered. Our business has emerged out of a national network of hundreds of Resume Service Offices (Professional Resume Writing Service, ca1958), and the Tidewater, Virginia group of, at one time four offices, contains many unique demographics that have demanded our expertise in résumé writing for a broad spectrum of clients … entry-level to CEO, military to civilian, local/state/federal government employment, medical and legal, manufacturing and industrial, hospitality and resort, travel and airline, sales and marketing, academia and trade school, Defense Contracting, shipyard and skilled trades, transportation and material management, warehousing and distribution, construction and renovation, wholesale and retail, banking and financial services, manufacturing and assembly … you name it, and we have written résumé packages for individuals within it. With the largest Navy Base in the world at our doorstep, our nation’s Capitol around the corner, a large international seaport, a major oceanfront resort complex, and the #37th ranked market area in the U.S., Write Impressions is well situated to bring another 60 years of service to its clients.

We have engineered a program and pricing structure to make it as easy as possible for you to use and afford our résumé writing service. Prices range from $100 to $400 for commercial resumes and $275 to $600 for Federal Applications (USA Jobs). We also offer “Combination” packages which contain both elements (commercial and Federal) from $425 to $800. … a substantial cost savings for the job seeker pursuing opportunities in both arenas. All customers receive a lifetime file for fast and inexpensive updates as your career needs arise, and your files and information are stored in a secure, off-computer environment to ensure their availability at all times. Frankly, it’s a great investment in your career !!

Our services are published along with our prices … no guessing game, no bait and switch, and no hidden costs. Hard copies, soft copies, multiple versions, cover letters, follow-up materials, on-line uploads, scanned documents, job search advice, interview coaching, government application process counseling, and photographic images are supplemental services you can also purchase.

Join the ranks of our customers that include: commissioned and enlisted military personnel, Government Service (GS), Wage Grade (WG) and Selected Executive Service (SES) government personnel, legal and medical professionals, counselors and psychologists, athletes and coaches, university/school instructors and staff, business executives, national sales and marketing leaders, municipal and civic leaders, not-for-profit and faith-based professionals, attorneys and paralegals, film, stage, set and microphone talent, writers and journalists, journeyman tradesman and equipment operators, safety and quality inspectors, recent college and high school graduates, law enforcement and special security professionals, engineers and architects … customers from all professions, a list you should be on !!






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