Government Resumes

Interested in applying for a Federal Government employment position? Perhaps you are already a government employee and are seeking a promotion. Understand a fundamental concept that distinguishes the Civil Service Application from a typical résumé … the functions of the two are quite different. Where the function of a commercial résumé is to get you an interview, the function of a Civil Service Application is to get you the Job – it is essentially the submission of a contract proposal to fill a vacancy in the government sector. Although you may think or have been told that uploading your résumé to the USA Jobs site will be sufficient, based on our decades of experience in this unique process, a typical resume will simply not be considered – whether you have a contact on the inside or not.

Government applications are scored on a 100-point scale and are measured against the qualifications that are detailed in the job announcement on a point-by-point basis. Those that score the highest move on to the next step in the hiring process. Consequently, government applications must follow a specific format and criteria that qualify you for the position through attainment of a high score. There are many unique details that are critical to being successful in this process and the professionals at Write Impressions are familiar with these details and have written thousands of applications for Federal Employment, with proven success !

Government applications are a tricky business. If you want to be successful, don’t gamble with doing it yourself. There are many potential pitfalls, only one of which will completely eliminate you from selection for employment. Consider also that although you may have a friend on the inside who is going to promote your employment, your application will go through exactly the same scrutiny at the initial point of submission as any other candidate. Your contact may be willing and able to select you for a government position, but every application must successfully pass the initial screening process. You are empowering the individuals that select you for employment with “contract validation” through the content of your application. Consequently, having it prepared by someone familiar with this process, who is also a skilled writer, will enable you to pass through that tough initial screening and ultimately make your contact’s efforts a lot easier. Is it really worth the risk … whatever money you think you are saving ?

Let me site an example. A few years ago I had a gentleman come into my office who had been a Civil Service employee for many years. Mr. Doe had set the record at his facility for being “passed over” for promotion more than anyone else (28 times). After a review of his application package, it was no wonder. Although his qualifications were outstanding, his presentation fell well short of what was needed to secure the promotion. Mr. Doe was also well connected with higher authorities at the facility, but his application did not make it to their desks because it failed to pass the initial screening process. After writing his package, he was promoted three times within five years. Again, it was not his qualifications, it was his presentation. That is why it is critical that you pay a professional who is proficient in the process. With advancement opportunities in the government ranks at a extremely competitive season, is it worth the risk, the “so-called” savings.

Write Impressions has designed a simple checklist of all the materials you will need to gather in order to properly prepare your application for Civil Service employment. We also offer a unique “combination” package at a considerable discount which includes both a commercial resume and a government application, ideal for job seekers who are going to pursue all available employment options. Your purchase includes uploading the file to the USA Jobs site with a soft copy of the file in MS Word in the event you need to fill out a supplemental application. You’ll soon be a click-button away from application to a variety of government opportunities.

With many Baby-Boomer Civil Servants retiring from Federal service, there is an excellent window of opportunity for all seeking career employment … offering stability, competitive pay, regular advancement opportunities, excellent health and retirement benefits, and the prestige of working in support of our government and its many affiliates.

Government applications produced by Write Impressions go through a painstaking process of preparation and, of course, are subject to your complete editing, evaluation and satisfaction. A lifetime file is provided for quick and inexpensive updates. CALL TODAY!!     757-473-1699