Surprised?  Don’t be.  I have found this to be absolutely true.

In 2015 I achieved a benchmark in my career …I passed the 15,000th resume that I have written while here at Write Impressions.  I can honestly say that there are few careers that I have not explored while servicing my clients needs and that I have enjoyed contact with many wonderful professionals during this journey.  I can also honestly say that my experiences with them have taught me several valuable lessons … a primary one being the statement above … THE SUCCESSFUL ARE NOT NECESSARILY THOSE WHO POSSESS THE BEST QUALIFICATIONS.

Resumes are a perception of value tool … toner on paper or a collection of words on a computer screen that are intended to deliver a message to the reader … skills, education, experience, accomplishments, and personality that give the reader a perception of one’s value.  The intention is obvious – Am I presenting sufficient information for to you to consider recruiting me to your organization?

This instrument serves as your primary representation to individuals that can have a substantial impact on your future, your career. Even if it is a follow-up to a personal contact, how well it is crafted will most definitely impact the results you achieve.  You may hold a PhD in Physics from MIT, but lose out to a lesser qualified candidate if you don’t properly and enticingly present your qualifications to those who are considering you for employment.  The successful are those who are most effective in marketing themselves!

I was recently asked a question during the Q&A portion of a conference session that I delivered to the Project Management Institute which further amplifies my case. “What is the single most significant negative factor you see on resumes that your customers bring to you for rewriting?” (Asked by an Executive Recruiter in the IT field who attended the session).  Without hesitation my response was “Phraseology” … in general, the vast majority of self-crafted resumes I see suffer from poor use of the English language, thought flow, grammar, and all other factors that contribute to a well written document. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it is simply a common fact that most people are not skilled writers.

In decades past, one could assume that he/she would be interviewed for a position just by filling out a company application or presenting a simple chronology of education and work experience.   Not only is this no longer the case, but it has also been amplified by the insurgence of the digital information revolution.   Recruiting professionals use resumes and on-line reference sources to “pre-screen” applicants, and if yours isn’t formatted correctly, written correctly, sharp, concise, without errors, and interesting, you will be passed over for the candidates whose are.

You alone are responsible for optimizing the perception of value to the reader of your materials.  How many resumes have you written?  Do you really think that Suzy next door, your buddy Bill at the shop, some remote typist on the Internet, or a Human Resources person making extra money on the side can really craft the best document for you?   Are they going to take the genuine time and effort to get to know your credentials and produce these critical documents correctly?  Are you price shopping for the best bargain to produce something so critical?  Why not hire the right professional?  Again I ask, How important is your career?  For a relatively small cost, you can secure the services of someone who can give you the potential to earn back your investment many times over … in the first month/year.
During my tenure at Write Impressions, I have learned what it means to earn the title of a Perception of Value professional … expert in building sizzling presentations with as few words as possible … a challenging undertaking,  and one that has taken many years to master.   Writing this critical set of documents should definitely not be left to the inexperienced … it’s simply too important.  Unfortunately, many people like to pass themselves off as “experts” on resumes.   The critics are plenteous when you ask them to look at your resume.  Before you entrust your confidence to these individuals, you should consider asking them how many resumes they have written and what is their customer’s success rate.  Consider also that although someone may have read hundreds or thousands of resumes in the past, the art of crafting a resume is substantially different.  Your resume must be effective in enticing a wide variety of individuals … not that one person only … will it be able to stand entirely on its own merit/content when the selection board is considering you for employment?

I also recommend caution in the areas of resume writing handbooks or quick-hit classes that give you a lot of key words, boiler plate phrases and standard templates that produce a cookie-cutter resume that is void of the “WOW” factor.  I’ve had thousands of clients utilize my service over the years who used these approaches to craft their own résumé, only to find that their results were less than expected and no one was there to follow through on the process.  Again, it’s simply too important, and the cost avoidance pales in comparison to the benefits you will receive.   Your resume needs to be written properly and detail you as an individual, a student, an employee, a co-worker, an achiever,  etc.   Cookbooks are great for experimenting, but not with your career!!  Classes are informative, but it takes years of training to master skills in creative writing using the English language!!  Just one or two flaws, a couple of dropped facts for the sake of space, a grammatical or tense faux pas, and you could be passed over for the employment opportunity of a lifetime.  Would you buy a book to learn how to perform open heart surgery?  Would you attend a 40-hour class to prepare for drafting a contract proposal worth millions of dollars?  The importance of your résumé should be ranked at these levels, and your handling of this process should be considered accordingly.
Write Impressions will mold all of your attributes into a finely-tuned and enticing resume that will open doors for interviews … and your future for success.  The process is simple, innovative and fast.  Customers are not expected to write their own resume before they submit their materials.  The questionnaire and interview process are designed to obtain facts about your background that do not require a substantial amount of effort on your part … simply facts.  The writing service provides the rest.  Your background plus your objective(s) will enable Write Impressions to build a custom resume package that you can proudly call your own.

It takes several hours to write, edit and review your resume package.  A draft will be submitted to you electronically or in person for your editing and approval.  All changes made by the client are processed quickly and a second draft is forwarded to the client for final changes and approval.  Then it is up to you to put that quality resume to work.  The results will speak for themselves.   And, of course, we are here to assist you in your employment search efforts and your file is always at Write Impressions to access, update and use for the remainder of your career.

It takes more than writing ability to produce a successful resume… it requires analytical insight, creative layout and desktop design, a marketing perspective, knowledge of current employment trends, the ability to evaluate and relate your skills and qualifications to current job markets, and it needs all the buzz words, action verbs, and imaginative phraseology to develop a dynamic picture of your qualifications for successful selection as a candidate for available employment opportunities.  Let’s work together to build a tool that ensures  you make the Write Impression the first time, every time.

 John Dwyer